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Having your kegerator cleaned on a regular basis will extend its longevity and greatly add to your draft beer experience.

Tap That can take care of all your kegerator cleaning needs. We offer both contracted monthly cleaning services and cleaning a la carte. One of our draft technicians will be happy to set up a custom cleaning schedule to fit your needs. Prices vary by location, so we can provide you with a quote once we know where you live in the San Diego area and how often you need us.

Call us today at 760-433-4TAP to set up a kegerator cleaning schedule.

clean_dirty_lineRegular cleaning of the kegerator faucet, beer hose and keg coupler is extremely important!

If not done on a regular basis, bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone will quickly build up…potentially causing illness and as important, degrading the quality of your beloved beer. A dirty faucet and beer line can turn your beer to foam and create a bitter taste.

Along with cleaning the faucet and beer line, it’s also necessary to check that the probe o-rings and bottom seal on the keg coupler are in good condition, as well as the friction washer, coupling washer and shaft seat on the faucet. Extensive cleaning should be performed after every other keg or at a minimum of every other month. Routine cleaning is essential to maintain the quality and fresh taste of draft beer.

PLEASE NOTE: Draft beer systems should only be cleaned with cleaning chemicals that are specifically manufactured for beer line cleaning, since they’ve been manufactured to dissolve bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone buildup. Regular household cleaning agents should never be used to clean your kegerator.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Beer is pouring foamy

    Possible Causes:
    Beer hose may be dirty.
    Keg may be too warm.
  • Beer is coming out slowly

    Possible Causes:
    Kink in beer hose.
    CO2 levels are low or empty.